Arlington Airport Race Report – Cross Revolution #2

This was my first time at the Arlington venue. It has been used previously for the state cyclocross championships so I figured it should be good course. However, it is also right next to an airport, so you wouldn’t expect too much in the way of elevation change. And there wasn’t.

This is a course with a lot of straight sections where, if you have the power and the engine, you can pull away from the crowd. If not, you watch as the crowd pulls away from you. The main terrain feature slowing it down is that the turf was rock hard and very bumpy, particularly on the finishing straight.

The course designers did put in some features to make it more interesting, such as the series of hairpin turns and taking us into a couple of short dirt sections, including a climb/run up. They threw in a sand mound, which managed to slow down the flow but was not a major factor.

Whatever down sides you might find here, the organizers made up for it by handing out bottles fromĀ Alaskan Brewing Co. at the finish.