2015 MFG #2 South Sound Super Prestige Race Report

Last minute prep for the South Sound Super Prestige began the night before. I stayed at Shawn’s place, a friend and teammate, even though wasn’t going to be able to race the next day. His place is about two hours closer than mine to Lakewood. It’s a good chance to visit and save a bunch of time in the morning. The idea being that I would be better rested and prepared for the next day’s event.

My intention that night was to just have one beer with dinner. Turns out beers went down before dinner started being made. So out came the wine.

A little wine while making dinner.

A bit more wine during dinner.

Even more wine and conversation after dinner.

Before I realized it, it was 10:30 pm and the two of us had emptied two bottles of wine. This was probably not the best prep for a race I’ve ever done.

Waking up at 6:00 am the next morning I had a bit of a headache and a tad dehydrated. Not too bad, all things considered. I guess that’s one upside to being a Clydesdale: more body mass to metabolize alcohol.

Starting off the Clydesdale race at 10:30 with mild alcohol poisoning, I was ready to be done by the second lap. The climb to the top of the water tower hill was the most obvious challenging feature of the course. However the less obvious and more challenging feature was the long stretches through bumpy turf.

“Bumpy” is not really a very complete description of this turf. The moon is “bumpy”. Gravel roads are “bumpy”. This was more like being the rattle shaken around inside of a spray can. Roughly a quarter of each lap was spent enduring this uniquely sapping experience.

After getting out of the “turf of purgatory” you would hit the start/finish stretch. This is normally where you would try to recover or sprint the finish. In my case it felt like just a little bit of relief after the constant pounding. After getting off the pavement you have some time spent on some less bumpy – merely washboard – section of turf before heading through some trees and towards the climb up to the water tower.

Being a Clydesdale (200+ lbs) I was surprised at how many people I could catch and pass on this climb. It’s relatively short, about a minute and a half, so my strategy was to apply as much power as possible, climbing out of the saddle most of the way. By the top I would be crushed, but there was a convenient downhill section to allow a bit of recovery.

After getting back down to the bottom of the hill we had a bit of double track, then into the turf of purgatory, starting with a set of double barriers.

After the barriers you settle in for the long stretch of bobble-head training. I understand the secret to riding this kind of terrain is to use a lower cadence and apply more power. For me that worked up to a point. By the time we got back around to the paved finishing straight my legs and cardio were pretty cooked.

Regardless, by the last lap I still had delusions of glory in the possibility of being able to outsprint two of my Clydesdale competitors.

I caught the pair near the barriers and formulated a plan to sit in until the final paved section. I modified that when it appeared Guy #1 was pulling away from Guy #2. I didn’t like seeing the gap grow, so I accelerated and got in behind Guy #1.

Everything went to plan until we got back on pavement. Guy #1 and I both started accelerating when suddenly Guy #2 came flying by me. He went past Guy #1, who took up chase.

They both pulled away from me despite my fully going into the red zone. I nearly collapsed after the finish.

I blame the bottle of wine.

Music used in the highlight video:

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