2015 Cascade Cross #2 Bellingham BMX Cyclocross Race Report

When I heard the torrential downpour early in the dark hours of the AM I thought we were going to be dealing with the derailleur eating mud fest we have seen a few times at this venue. Course conditions turned out really well, all things considered.

There was only one section that seemed to want to grab your wheel like velco, but once you powered out of that, it was back onto the turf.

Mercifully the turf was not nearly as bumpy as it has been on the last few weekends at other courses.

While there was not much rain during the morning and early afternoon races, there was plenty of wind. One team tent attempted to take flight and our own tent took some damage.

My race went off at some time after 11:30. The previous week I had come down with a pretty bad cold on Monday and spent the week trying to recover. I was feeling pretty good, but not at 100%.

My plan was to find a wheel to follow and do everything possible to stay on it for the first lap.

I was able to keep to this up until the stair run up, even though I was running into the red. When I went to remount after the stairs my leg, as I was throwing it over the saddle, hit one of the guys who was apparently too close behind me.

I ended up landing on my rear wheel. I had to reset and remount. By the time I did that the rest of the field was 50 meters up the course. I tried to claw back on but just did not have the engine.

During the rest of the lap I found that my rear tire felt exceptionally low. I run tubeless, so I was confident that it was not a puncture. I may have burped air when landing on the rear tire during the flubbed remount.

During the second lap, after I had already been lapped, I stopped at a place on the course that was near the team tent. I grabbed my pump and aired up the rear tire. Ended up riding five laps. I had considered just dropping out, but DFL > DNF > DNS.


Music used in recap video:

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